Insight Assessment Platform: Information for teachers and other system users

Teachers and other system users can use the Insight Assessment Platform to assign and conduct assessments and view the resulting data and reports to help assess the progress of all learners and support more targeted teaching practices.

The support materials below provide information on using the Insight Assessment Platform, including navigating the Platform, assigning and conducting assessments, and viewing reports.

STEP 3 - Teacher and Other User Guidelines

Logging in

Video: Logging in and navigating​ (mp4, 45mb)

Video: Logging in and overview (mp4, 5.6mb)

Video: Selecting and assigning online assessments (mp4, 181mb)

Conducting online assessments

Video: Conducting online assessments (mp4, 211mb)

Video: Assigning and previewing a test (mp4, 13mb)

Video: Fractions and decimals test taker (mp4, 3.4mb)

Using reports

Video: Quick intro to reporting (mp4, 6.5mb)

Video: English online reporting (mp4, 8mb)

Video: Maths online and Fractions and decimals online reporting (mp4, 8mb)





 Last updated 13/12/2016




last updated 13/12/2016