​​​​​​​​​Assessment and reporting for parents and carers

Here we provide general advice and information for you about the important role assessment plays in progressing your child's learning and how you can work together in partnership with the early childhood service or the  school to help your child make progress in their learning. Structured around the themes of learning, assessment, feedback, and reporting, the advice and information provided on this site are intended as a starting point for you to become better informed about assessment and related issues. It includes downloadable fact sheets, helpful tips and links to information that you may find useful.​​ 

​​​​​About children's learning


Children learn and develop from birth and their learning increases in complexity as they progress along a continuum of learning through early childhood, childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. Learning then continues throughout life.

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The knowledge, skills and attitudes children learn as they progress through early childhood and formal education are described in various learning frameworks and the curriculum.

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​​Assessment and why it is important

Assessment is making a judgement about what your child knows, understands and can do at a point in time and the early childhood professional or teacher uses assessment to make judgements about your child's strengths and weaknesses that will assist them to plan the next steps in your child's learning. Assessment is integral and ongoing during a child's learning.

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​​Feedback and why it is important


Feedback is information about how your child is progressing in their learning.  Feedback that is accurate and specific is important in motivating your child to learn and helping them to self-assess. Feedback may be given by practitioners, parents and peers.

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​​Reporting and why it is important


At times feedback from practitioners may be given in formal written reports that usually describe what your child has achieved in their learning and what they can do to make progress in their learning.

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