The Department conducted a Request for Information and Proof of Concept to understand existing market capabilities. This research provided evidence that there is a competitive global market for assessment products and the potential to procure pre-existing and proven capability, minimising cost and risk of bespoke development and enabling technology re-use.

It was determined in 2013 that the procurement of the Online Assessment Platform components and services would be made iteratively and a number of RFPs would be released to market to procure the components as needed. In November 2013, an Advanced Tender Notice was released via the Tenders VIC (Victorian Government Tenders System) website informing the market of the intended procurement process plus providing overview documents on the program and the Insight Platform.

Assessment Analytics

A RFP was released by the Department in December 2013 for Assessment Reporting and Analytics as the first component of the Online Assessment Platform. This RFP closed in January 2014 and is currently in the evaluation stages.

Click here to view the Assessment Reporting and Analytics RFP.

Assessment Core

Assessment Portfolio Growth

We are interested in vendors who can provide innovative assessments across Literacy, Numeracy, STEM and 21st Century assessments for the Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary education sectors. If vendors have proven assessment products that are already used by schools in Australia or abroad then we would encourage those vendors to register on the Victorian Government eServices Register.

One you have been accepted on the eServices Register, then you are welcome to contact the Department outlining how your organisation can meet the objectives stated in the RFP Platform Overview, Functional Requirements and Platform Architecture overview documents with sound value for money options. The Department will contact your organisation if it requires further discussion.

Adaptive Assessments

The VCAA would like to migrate their OnDemand assessments to a proven adaptive assessment platform that supports IRT 1-3 algorithms and other more advanced adaptive algorithms. These assessments are widely used by over 1300 schools in Victoria.

We are interested to speak with vendors who have a fully developed adaptive assessment platform who can quickly migrate the OnDemand assessments with little or no customisation but via configuration by migrating items onto their platform. The Functional Overview documents outline the type of items and adaptive algorithms that are already supported by the current OnDemand assessment system.

Vendors who have a fully developed adaptive assessment platform are encouraged to register on the eServices Register and then contact the department outlining their value proposition. The Department will contact your organisation if it requires further discussion.

Platform Services

Platform services require the following core capabilities:

  • Provide federated identity management across all sectors for students, teachers and eventually parents to access the Insight Platform.
  • Assessment master data management services across the 0-18 age group for the education sector.
  • Integration services that enable multiple vendor(s) to interoperate on the platform using educational assessment standards such as QTI, SCORM and CEDS.
  • Integration services that enable standards based integration of assessment data for vendor(s) to access and deliver assessment analytics.
  • Cloud based infrastructure management including provisioning and monitoring of services

All vendors who have any of the above capabilities are encouraged to register on the eServices Register. ​

On registration, please ensure that for the ‘Commodities Supplied’ category, you are listed under the commodity code ‘Educational or reference software (432325)’.

Help for suppliers on registering and using the register is provided on the eServices Register website​.