Transition to School - Online TLDS (Transition Learning and Development Statement)

Welcome to the Online TLDS

The 'online TLDS' is a tool for writing and sharing Transition Learning and Development Statements (Transition Statements).

Sharing a Transition Statement via the Insight Assessment Platform gives schools the ability to link a Prep child's Transition Statement to their individual student record and to other online assessment data such as English Online Interview and the Mathematics Online Interview which are also hosted on the Insight Assessment Platform.

Once a Transition Statement is linked to a student's individual student record it can follow the child from school to school if the child moves.

Transition Statements need to be manually shared with Catholic and Independent schools that are not using the Insight Assessment Platform as well as Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services. As the online tool has been designed with features to assist early childhood services to easily complete the Transition Statements, they can  use the online TLDS to write Transition Statements by taking advantage of the printing function of the online TLDS tool.

A range of resources will be available to assist early childhood services and schools prepare to use the new tool and get technical support if needed.

Support materials

Overview of the new Transition Statement and online TLDS (video)

Frequently asked questions

Guide for early childhood educators (coming soon)

Guide for schools (coming soon)

Where to get technical support (coming soon)


Early childhood services - Step by step guide to preparing for the online TLDS 

​STEP​ECEC Service
​1​Instructions will be included at a later date.


Schools - Step by step guide to preparing for the online TLDS

​1​Instructions will be included at a later date.



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