​​​​​​​​History of the Insight Assessment Platform

Victorian government schools currently access assorted assessment tools and data from different places, which can complicate or deter effective assessment practices. Recognising this and the costs associated with developing and maintaining stand-alone systems, the Department embarked on the creation of a single platform where current and new assessments could be housed and combined with a robust data analytics layer.

The Department conducted a Request for Information and Proof of Concept to understand existing market capabilities. This research provided evidence that there was a competitive global market for assessment products and the potential to procure pre-existing and proven capability, minimising cost and risk of bespoke development and enabling technology re-use.

As a result, the Insight Assessment Platform was established by the Department to consolidate current assessments onto a single platform aimed at delivering the following benefits:


  • consistency and integration of disparate assessment platforms
  • user experience with respect to access, administration and system navigation
  • availability and consistency of assessment data.


  • time for meaningful data to become accessible after an assessment is delivered
  • work required to conduct and mark assessments in a digital environment.


  • platform capability to deliver new assessments in new subject and skill areas
  • improved analytics features to access, interrogate and manipulate data
  • better data to improve insights necessary to improve student outcomes.

2016 Pilot

The Insight Assessment Platform was piloted in 2016 with government, Independent and Catholics schools in Victoria. During Term 4, over 1000 assessments were completed and submitted on the Platform. During the pilot, teachers were able to provide feedback, which was then used to further shape the Platform's design and functionality.

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