Insight Assessment Platform: Information for CASES21 operators

Insight uses student and staff data from CASES21 to enable assessments to be assigned and completed.

To help ensure that your school's data is ready to be used by Insight to help deliver the EOI and other assessments from 30 January please ensure the following activities are completed within CASES21 as soon as possible.

  1. Complete your school's rollover.
  2. Enrol all new students (ST11001) – particularly those from Prep to Year 10 as this data is imported into Insight from CASES21.
  3. Ensure that all Active staff have correct Employee IDs and email addresses in CASES21 (SF11001) and ensure the teacher is linked to an active home group. This allows staff to logon to Insight using their eduMail credentials.
  4. Confirm that all students are allocated to home groups, that home groups are active, and have a teacher and a campus ID specified (KGC11001/SCI21002).

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