​​​​​2015 Teal Trial


To ensure the reading and vocabulary items in the TEAL computer adaptive test are valid and reliable, we need to test them.

In trial 1: 6554 students from 183 schools have participated in the trial.

In trial 2: to date we have 170 schools that have expressed an interest. We are still to finalise exact numbers of students.

TEAL trial 2 will occur in March 2015. Participating schools will be contacted soon with further information, key dates and required actions.

Get involved with the 2015 TEAL trial

If you would like to be involved in the trial to test these items and help build the TEAL item bank, please email teal@edumail.vic.gov.au .

2015 TEAL trial information


View a timeline of events for TEAL Trial 2.


A full list of frequently asked questions relating to the TEAL trial.

Minimal Technical Specification

The Guidelines including a general overview of the technology infrastructure are required to run the TEAL online tests. The guidelines and general overview are designed to assist teachers and school technicians to support tests administrators and teachers through the online testing process. It is highly recommended that at the initial stages of online testing, technicians be available to provide support to teachers in the computer labs or classes, monitor traffic, and report access issues. Any issues should be reported to

Read the minimal specification guidelines

Practice Test

It is recommended that teachers view the practice test video​ before showing it to the students. Please note that the test takes approximately ten minutes. 

Its recommended that you show the entire practice test video to the students and highlight the following:

  • the test code and teal code the students will need to type in- provide them with an example of each so they have an idea of letters and number combinations.
  • the different types of questions
  • Icons and what these mean
  • How to Navigate around the test
Alternatively, if you have students who may require further assistance you can provide an explanation for each of the above segments and then show the shorter version of the specific segments. This will allow students to focus on the specific segments and ask any clarifying questions.

Seeking parent consent

Plain English Statements are required to seek parent consent for their children to participate in the trial. The forms should be downloaded in the required language and sent home with students. If parents do not consent they must notify the school contact on the form.

Download the Plain English statement

Download the Plain English statement in another language. 

The school can also place a note in the school newsletter which outlines what the trial is about and who parents must notify if they do not wish their child to participate.

Multicultural Education Aides should also be notified so they can provide this information to parents.

If parents speak a language other than those translated in the downloads above the school can request a phone interpreter to translate the information. The English version of the Plain English Statement can be provided to the interpreter to use to translate or a staff member can explain the information in English and the interpreter can translate into the required language.

Trial data extraction instructions for CASES21 Operators

Guidelines for Government schools providing student data via an extract from CASES21.
Non-Government schools should contact their respective jurisdictions for instructions.

If you have any questions or issues with the data extract please email teal@edumail.vic.gov.au

If you would like to participate in 2015 there is still time to apply, please email teal@edumail.vic.gov.au

The TEAL toolkit is an initiative of the Department of Education and Training in partnership with the University of New South Wales and in collaboration with the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and Independent Schools Victoria.