​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Critica​​l and Cre​ative Thinking Assessment Tool

Note: this tool is currently being aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

Critical and creative thinking is inte​gral to students becoming successful learners.

To support schools to implement the new Critical and creative thinking curriculum, the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) have developed an online Critical and creative thinking assessment tool. 

The assessment tool includes a set of statistically valid assessment tasks for Levels 1 – 10 that allow teachers to map learner achievement to progress learning. This tool is not a mandatory assessment. Schools may choose when and how it is most appropriate to use this tool in their teaching and learning programs.
Further information about the tool is available in in the Critical and creative thinking fact sheet
Specific guidance on how to interpret results and access reports is in development.

Online Tutorials: Critical and Creative Thinking

To support the rollout of the Critical and creative thinking tool, the Department ran three online Collaborate sessions in February and March 2015. Recordings of these sessions provide an introduction to the tool.

Session 1: What is the tool?

Recording of Session 1 (MP4)​

What is the tool? (PPT)

The session was presented by Julian Fraillon and Ray Philpot from ACER on 18 February
Topics covered in session 1 included:
  • The Critical and Creating Thinking continuum
  • Strands and sub strands
  • Introducing the tasks
  • Whole school curriculum planning

Session 2: How do I use the tool?

The session was presented by Erhan Halil and Stephen Birchall from SoNET Systems on 4 March
Session 2 involved a live demonstration of the teacher interface.

Session 3: How could schools use the tool?

Recording of Session 3 (MP4)​

How could schools use the tool? (PPT)​

The session was presented by Sharon Foster, Victorian Curriculum Manager, VCAA on 18 March.

Access the tool 
The tool is not accessible at present due to it being used for benchmarking for the Education State schools targets for critical and creative thinking.