​​​Using assessment data with cohorts​

Practitioners need to know and understand how their learners are performing as a group to effectively plan learning activities for that group. For some cohorts performance may be relatively even while for others performance may vary exceptionally or be bunched at different levels along the learning continuum.  Valid assessment data can provide the required insights to effectively plan for a cohort.

Assessment data collected for one purpose can also provide insights for another.  For example, VCE final exam data is made available to schools by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) in a variety of report formats to allow schools and teachers to gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their programs. While no longer relevant to the cohort for whom the assessment data was collected, VCE assessment data can provide schools with insights to inform planning for the next cohort of VCE students.

Using assessment data with individual learners

Most learners progress through learning as a member of their cohort. When an individual learner encounters a difficulty or carries a misunderstanding or is finding the work not challenging the effective practitioner addresses these particular learning needs as soon as possible.  Sometimes a practitioner may need to refer a learner to another practitioner with specialised skills for further assessment and evaluation.     

​​Using Assessment Data Resources

The NAPLAN online tutorial site contains a series of interactive tutorials for improving the use of NAPLAN assessment data.​