Analysing data

Methodical analysis of assessment data provides the evidence a practitioner needs to improve teaching and learning for the group and individuals within it. Accurate interpretation of the data analysis enables the practitioner to understand where learners are in the learning and to set the goals and learning inten​tions for the next steps in the learning process and plan the learning program.

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Measuring​ learning over time

A number of standardised assessments are conducted in Victoria, Australia and worldwide that provide data about their learners that practitioners can analyse and use to inform the teaching and learning program. Comparison of learner attainment on these assessments at different points in time enables the practitioner to measure learning over time.

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Using assessment data​

Assessment data is used by practitioners and leaders to inform their daily practice and to provide an evidentiary basis for providing feedback to students about learning and reporting to their families. 

Assessment data is used by leaders and practitioners to inform whole school curriculum and assessment planning, planning for cohorts and planning for individuals.​

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 Updated 12/05/2016