​Insight Assessment Platform: Information about the Insight Practice Space

Teachers can use the Practice Space to familiarise themselves with the Insight Assessment Platform, assigning and conducting assessments, and viewing reports.

Please note: The Practice Space is for demonstration only. Any data collected there will be discarded. Do not use the Practice Space to carry out an assessment with a student.

The Practice Space website address, username and password details can be found in the guide below. The credentials are case sensitive.

Guide to using the practice space​

Logging in

Video: Logging in and navigating (mp4, 45mb)

Video: Logging in and Overview (mp4, 5.6mb)

Video:Selecting and assigning online assessments (mp4, 181mb)


Conducting online assessments

Video: Conducting online assessments (mp4, 211mb)

 Video: Assigning and previewing a test (mp4, 13mb)

Video: Fractions and decimals test taker (mp4, 3.4mb)

Using reports

Video: Quick intro to reporting (mp4, 6.5mb)

Video: English online reporting (mp4, 8mb)

Video: Maths online and Fractions and decimals online reporting (mp4, 8mb)